Advice for children

It is really important that you are ready to learn as you arrive at school. This means you need to have had a good nights sleep and eaten breakfast.

Arriving on time is polite and it means that you do not disrupt the learning of the other children in your class. You will also feel better as you’ll know you've not missed any information.

Your attitude to learning is the final step….we ask all our children to take pride in all they do. Each week we celebrate children who have demonstrated this best in their class with a Headteacher’s Award.


PRIDE stands for:


  • Presentation

  • Respect

  • Independence

  • Determination

  • Enthusiasm

Our children take Anti bullying seriously.  

Below are some of the entries to our Anti-bulling policy competition.



Eve Sephton


A school without bullying.


 When you’re at school you should never fight,

 Please be good from morning ‘til night.

 I’d like to say that this is cool,

 So please don’t bully while you are at school.

 Bullying definitely isn’t nice,

 So if you do it, you’ll pay the price.


I know that when you get bullied it is tough,

 But just say to them you’ve had enough.

 Bullying is very mean,

 So when they do it make sure they are seen.

 Never, ever show them you’re sad,

 Or they’ll keep on doing it and make you mad.


Say what you feel.

 Ask an adult

Find some friends

 Everyone is there to help









Finley Amesbury and Daniel Wilson 


Anti – bullying rap


What are you doing, why you bullying me?

 You tell me what to do, like you’re the boss of me!


They search me for money, then push me away,

 I’m used to it now because it happens every day!


I ask the bully what have I even done?

 You kick me, punch me and make fun of my mum.


They call me names and it’s never going to change,

 They lock me in rooms like a bear in a cage!


I wrote this for the bullies, so I’m making it clear.

 I will eventually stand up to you, though you’re my worst fear!!




Rebecca Pickard 


Bullies are not allowed,

 Bullies are banned,

 Bullies are bad,

 Bullies are not polite,

 Bullies are horrible,

 Bullies are terrible,

 Bullies are nasty,

 Bullies are not friends,

 Bullies are bad tempered,

 Bullies are naughty,

 Bullies are mean,

 Bullies write bad things,

 Bullies are not kind,

 Bullies say nasty things,

 Bullies can be violent.

By Rebecca Renton and Alice Thwaites 


 Anti-bullying Rap


Specky, specky these are the names I hear,

 Out of the corner of my eye comes a salty tear,

 Why bully me? I’m no different to any other,

 Sometimes I feel like crying to my mother,

 Sometmes I don’t want to come to school,

 Too scared to face the bully, who thinks he’s so cool.


A school without bullying would be great,

 No one would ever need to hate,

 I’d walk into school with a smile on my face,

 As all the bullies had disappeared into space,

 Everyone is being so nice,

 I hope the bully has paid his price!


I’d walk into classes

 As no bully passes,

 And at the end of the day,

 I’d run home to mum,

 And tell her how I’ve had so much fun!




Sophie Cave


A school without bullying.


 A piece of care

 A piece of kind news

 A piece of love

 A piece of shine

 Put it in a bowl, stir it all up, leave for a minute and put it in the oven for 15 minutes.

 Once it is cool you will have a school with no bullying.



Bethan Smith






Friends are funny,


 Bullies steel money,


 Teachers makes them write a letter.


 That makes me feel better.