Moorside Junior School was inspected on 16th and 17th May 2017 and has been awarded GOOD in all areas.

  • Effectiveness of leadership and management                  Good
  • Quality of teaching, learning and assessment                  Good 
  • Personal development, behaviour and welfare                 Good
  • Outcomes for pupils                                                          Good


The report was highly complementary of the work and provision at our school. We are all incredibly proud of our achievements and your children; their hard work and love of our curriculum really shone through. The inspector was very impressed by the standard of work in the children’s books and by the ‘strong progress’ that all children are making.

Some highlights from the Ofsted 2017 report:

The school has a tangible ethos that is positive and caring, putting the welfare and well-being of each pupil at the heart of all that it does. This is clearly seen in the friendly, happy and confident manner of the pupils in Moorside Junior School.

As a result of good teaching, pupils learn quickly and can apply their skills across all subjects. Current pupils are now making strong progress in their learning.

Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning, work well together and are motivated to succeed.

The behaviour of pupils is good. They have respect and care for each other, and display excellent manners.

The school’s curriculum is rich and balanced, and it is regularly reviewed to ensure that it meets pupils’ needs and interests. It is closely linked to the local culture and heritage, and is enriched by a range of trips and visits, as well as other outdoor learning opportunities. Creative use is made of visiting specialists, especially in physical education and art. Displays of pupils’ artwork are stunning. The curriculum enables pupils to consolidate and extend their basic skills in reading and mathematics, and especially in writing.

Pupils report that they feel safe at all times, including online.

Evidence from the high quality work in pupils’ books, matched by detailed information from the school’s current tracking system, shows unequivocally that current pupils are making strong progress in reading, writing and mathematics from their individual starting points in Moorside Junior School.

The school supports the achievement of its most-able pupils very well.


The full report can be found using the link below.

         Moorside Junior School Ofsted Report 2017